Is there any change due in weather to global warming in of Finland by using Data analytics?

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Effect of global warming on weather.

In this blog we will discuss about a data_analysis which is based on the following datasets.

One type of data that’s easier to find on the net is Weather data. Many sites provide historical data on many meteorological parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity, wind_speed, visibility, etc.

My goal in this Internship (of data analysis) is to transform the raw data into information and then convert it into knowledge. …

Recognizing handwritten text is a problem that can be traced back to the first automatic machines that needed to recognize individual characters in handwritten documents.

To address this issue in Python, the scikit-learn library provides a good example to better understand this technique, the issues involved, and the possibility of making predictions.The scikit-learn library enables you to approach this type of data analysis.

The scikit-learn library provides numerous datasets that are useful for testing many problems of data analysis and prediction of the results. Also in this case there is a dataset of images called Digits. …


Vishal mishra

Software Engineer

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